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The fear of waxing

If you're new to waxing, you may have many questions, you may have heard some myths over the years about waxing, or you may even have had a not-so-comfortable experience... it could have put you off a little. So let me help you distinguish the truths from the myths that might make the experience a little more relaxing for you.

Is waxing painful? Well it's not completely pain-free (I personally find it quite relaxing.. but I've been told before that I'm a little strange) - Over the years, the industry has developed along with new products and techniques to help aid the comfort of your #waxing journey.

The more uptight you are, the more painful it will be. It is nice when there is relaxing music playing and you are completely chilled out.

I urge you to avoid salons that only use strip wax.. especially for #intimatewaxing - OUCH! #Hotwax is the way forward for those sensitive areas. It tends to be a little more expensive (you get what you pay for after all) but is well worth it for the additional comfort that it brings.

It's a good idea to exfoliate 2-3 days prior to waxing. This helps to loosen any ingrown hairs so they can be caught during your waxing appointment and don't pop through a couple of days later.

Don't be embarrassed! It is so common for guests to hide themselves and apologise for how hairy they are... It's natural, it's what you've booked your appointment for and ultimately, your #therapist has seen it all before.

Keep a routine going... the more you wax, the less hair there is. Try to avoid that "quick shave" the hair's will come back thicker!

So relax, chat to your therapist and enjoy the next few weeks hair-free!

With thanks to our amazingly knowledgable Therapist - Karen for her input with content for today's blog!

with love from...

Sh x

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