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Home hair colour - What are you doing?

I sat down with a guest the other day to have the pre-cut consultation to find out how I could help her achieve her #hairgoals. As we were chatting, the bumps in the road that she was experiencing were that her hair was limp and dry.. well that's how she described it to me.

I want to save the world from the problems that they are causing themselves - so there are a few facts that I want to share to give a couple of reasons why - it's just not a good idea to home colour.


Hair colour is a chemical... it has to be to change the natural colour of your hair.

Each time colour is applied to your hair, it breaks down part of the internal structure of the hair (the part that holds colour and shape).

Permanent hair colour breaks down a higher percentage of the hair structure while even more of the structure is broken down by Bleach.

Permanent hair colour doesn't need to be applied to previously coloured hair every time you have colour. It can be refreshed with Demi-permanent colour to avoid damage to the hair.

The colour of the hair on the box, is not necessarily the colour that YOUR hair will turn out - it is printed on a bit of cardboard after all.

If you have to mix 2 products together before applying, you are not using a true Semi-Permanent hair colour.

Hair should always be treated with the correct hair treatments after colouring to seal in the colour. All you get with a "box-dye" is a sachet of conditioner.

It takes the average Hair Professional 4 years to have enough knowledge to be let loose on your hair. That is with their main focus being HAIR.

Above are just a snapshot of hair colouring facts that I have in my little box of knowledge from the 10 years that I have been a #HairProfessional.

Back to my guest from the other day... She has been home colouring with her permanent blonde "box dye" for several years. Re-applying over and over again. The hair has become limp and... I would say damaged, because that the internal hair structure is hanging by a thread. The hair has become harder to style because there isn't enough of the hair structure to hold the style. The hair colour fades quickly because of the same reason.

So,the ultimate question is.... Do you really know what you are doing?

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