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Sleep - how to really turn the lights out

Throughout my life, I have heard those famous words all too often "it's time you were in bed" Being the rebellious type, the question that I would like to ask is... what makes this time, the time I should be in bed? My body isn't ready for bed! I have experienced many of those around me complaining about having a "terrible night's sleep"! The answer? Well they have thought that getting to bed earlier will help them to rise earlier and easier in the morning. I disagree! After paying particular attention to what makes me rise easily in the morning after rested sleep, with the energy that I need to live life the "hectic" way I do, there are a few top tips I would like to share with you. All equally important to make the wheels of life run smoothly. Now like EVERYTHING in life, the best comes at a cost. But what is the cost of a #greatsleep ?


Oh yes, a comfortable mattress will go a long way to assist your good night's sleep. How do you feel in the morning when you waken in a five star hotel? Unless you've been on the booze the night before, you awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and what's the bets that the hotel hasn't purchased a crappy mattress from Ikea? Now don't be fooled... it's not just the mattress! You need to be prepared to invest in the full bedding. Pillows, Duvet & Sheets as well. Personally, I've found an amazing brand which I swear by and they also offer a 100 day no quibble return policy for their mattress if you don't like it. I'm sure they have very few returns. #EVESLEEP


Replace TV, phones and laptops with a good read. Even a couple of pages a night can make a huge difference. I find that I'm falling asleep after 3 pages and struggling to keep my eyes open when I'm really getting into it. The main issue is that the bright lights of TV, phones and laptops wakens the mind and can leave you tossing and turning all night. I tend to find books about bettering life skills partictuarly interesting. But it can be whatever you want it to be. Try to avoid anything heart racing... this might have an adverse affect on your sleep.


The body clock is designed to release Melatonin at night time as the sun sets which makes you sleepy. The #Lumie SAD lamp sits by my bedside and when I feel it's time to sleep, I press the sunset button on the remote control and the room is infused with Aromatherapy an the light gradually dulls, just as the sun would set as I calmly read my book.