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School run

I love how my #life is happening - everything has just fallen into place that I can drop my daughter off at school on my way to work and collect her from school at 3pm. Sometimes I'm pushing the boundaries of time a little - but I always make it. Now and then, when I know that I'm not going to make it, I call my Brother or my Dad (they work together in my Dad's business) and ask them for the little favour of collecting my precious from school. They are just up the road and usually up for a bit of assistance.

Just the other day, I had arranged with my Dad to do the school pick up which was cool with him. I asked if, just in case, he would like a reminder as he should be leaving? "Yes, that would be good!"

As I was chatting to my guest who was having her hair done, I could hear my phone ringing in the background. I had a glimpse at the clock and when I realised it was 10 past 3, felt a cold sweat rushing over me! That will be the school! Time had flown past me to give that little reminder call and of course, the same had happened to Dad! I am my Father's Daughter after all.... Oops!

Meanwhile - Ellie (that's my daughter) is sitting at the school office having the time of her life chatting to 4 of the school staff. A little bit of a change is great fun for a child - do you remember? What can sometimes seem a bit of an issue for us "adults" is like a big adventure to a kid!

One quick phone call confirmed that Dad was already on it and she would be collected before 20 past 3.

It also made for a bit of banter in the salon with the team and the 3 guests that were in at the time - at the expense of my Dad of course.. but I'm sure he won't mind!

All is well and adds another funny memory to the bank!

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