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The Manta. A revolutionary new hairbrush with its flexible technology is here to protect, control and style.


The MANTA glides responsively through your hair for minimum breakage & maximum shine. It’s the first brush to mold to the shape of your hand & scalp creating less tension on each strand, while massaging the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. The MANTA is essential for anyone who wants healthy, shiny full hair but also for anyone who struggles with hair loss, breakage, thinning, split ends, fineness or extensions wearers.



Patented FLEXGUARD™ technology on the base enables each bristle to have complete 360 motion to gently free knots & minimize breakage.


Soft-touch surface

Created from a soft-touch material, ensuring no rough edges to catch or tear the hair shaft.


Heat-resistant up to 80°C

The Manta brush has been designed to work with all hairdryers for easy control when styling.


Anti Stactic

Removing the static electricity from the hairbrush keeps your hair soft and smooth.

Manta Anti-Hairloss Brush - Burgundy

SKU: 0705632451021

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