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Catch yourself before you fall down!

I've noticed recently that I've been falling into a bit of a rut.. work has been finishing later and later but with gaps during the day, I've been working extra days but not filling those that I would normally work. This has resulted in late dinners/unhealthy dinners/no dinners and being narky with those around me. Less sleep because I sit up late trying to cram in the things I would usually do when I'm not using my scissors or even just because I'm that tired when I get home at night that I can't find the motivation to get things done before I get to bed. WORK, SLEEP, REPEAT.

I know we're all in the same boat! It's just life.. but we are the only person who can do something about it.

All that happens is that we get more and more stressed and can't find the answers in our busy minds to pick ourselves out of the hole that we are digging. Sometimes we just have to say no! I hear you... I feel the same! I want to please everyone too! But it's not healthy for us or those around us to spread ourselves too thin. It dilutes everything that we are good at and prevents us from being able to live the life that we love and spend the time with those that we love because we're too tired and have too much to do when we do get the time off! When you say no, think of it like this.. those who really appreciate you will understand! You're not doing it to be mean, you're just keeping yourself healthy and giving the world the best you can.

Take a moment to notice when you need a little time! #mindfulness Oh and get this book! It's not a story book or a book about anyone. It's a pick a page and focus book - It's all about you!

Live the life that you love!

with love from...

Sh x

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