Terms & Conditions 


Scheduling Appointments

  • Our team work flexible schedules to give a healthy work-life balance just like most other industries.

  • Due to a high demand for pre-booked appointments, we suggest allowing at least 7 days in advance to schedule your hair & beauty appointments to ensure you get your spot.

  • All team diaries will be opened up at least a month in advance.

  • Pre-booking your next appointment before you leave the salon is highly recommended to ensure appointment availability.

  • For special occasions, we recommend getting in touch a little earlier.

  • Our team schedules are set based on pre-booked appointments, we are unable to accept walk-in guests due to the disruption this can cause to our team and our pre-booked guests.

  • However, if you get in touch in advance we may be able to accommodate your booking. If you don't ask...

  • The quickest and most convenient method of booking for you is via our online booking platform or Salon App. This way, you have have complete control of your booking and can see our exact availability at a glance.

Cancellations Policy

  • When scheduling an appointment with us, you are reserving a specific amount of our time which will be dedicated to you (excluding development times).

  •  At least 48 hours notice is required for changes to your appointment, this includes rescheduling to a later date, removing services which made up part of your booking or cancelling your booking completely.

  • The same policy applies if you miss your appointment.

  • This allows us to manage our diaries efficiently which in turn creates a smoother schedule for other clients booked in on the same day and also allows us the opportunity to  refill your space with a client on our waiting list giving them a little notice. 

  • Appointments booked within the 48 hour bracket will automatically be within the cancellation policy window.

  • If you fail to comply with our cancellations policy, you will be charged the full value of the booked treatments or services which you have booked.

  • To make things easier for you, we have invested in a brand new booking system which will send you out a courtesy message confirming your booking with a link to make any changes required if you need to cancel or re-schedule anything.

  • We also have our very own App which you can download to keep track of your bookings and make changes if necessary.

  • Our team do not have the authority to wavier this policy.

  • Online bookings will be charged via the card which you used to confirm your booking.

  • Your card will only ever be charged for the value of your booked appointment. Our system does not allow us to charge any higher value.

  • Any bookings made via phone, email or instant message will be invoiced to your email address or a payment link sent to your phone.

  • Bookings which are cancelled or changed by us will not be charged under these terms. 

  • You will be given a period of 14 days to settle cancellation fees.

  • Unpaid fees will be passed to a collections agency.

  • Fees are charged to cover losses to the business for time which could have been filled with another client waiting on our services. 


Travel & Arrival

  • We are located just across the road from Hillfoot Train Station, making it easy to travel to us by train.

  • On street parking is available on Milngavie Road, directly outside the salon for up to 2 hours.

  • If your visit exceeds 2 hours, we recommend parking slightly along to the left of the salon (If you were standing looking at the door) or on Roman Road where there are no restrictions at either of these locations.

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment time to allow yourself to unwind before your treatment.

  • We feel it is important to offer our guests a reliable schedule and therefore treatment times cannot be extended for late arrivals but will still be charged for the full booking. 

  • When you arrive, our door will be locked and a member of our team will greet you at the door.

Courtesy Call

  • Just to make sure you are happy with the time & services you have booked and to avoid missed appointments, you may receive a courtesy call one or two days before your appointment.



  • Every time you visit the salon, you will recieve a bespoke diagnosis for the treatment or service.

  • If you wish to make changes to your hair at an appointment that you already have booked with us, please let us know in advance to ensure we have enough time scheduled to fulfil your requirements.  

  • All of our treatment and service times are inclusive of an in-depth consultation before proceeding with your treatment. If you have any photos of desired results, we recommend bringing them with you to ensure we see what you see.

  • We offer a separate 15 minute consultation for new hair colour guests or to guests who are changing their hair colour at their next appointment if the changes were not discussed at their previous appointment.


After Care Advice

  • We finish all appointments with necessary after care advice with hints and tips to maintain your results at home.

  • We will recommend the best products and tools to assist you with getting results at home.

  • You will be given the opportunity to take home the recommended products & tools for your toolkit.

  • Please be assured that we do not wish to force sales on you and the choice of purchases are completely in your hands, we just want to give you the best advice and care possible based on what you've told us.


Gift Cards

Sheona Hosie Hair & Beauty Gift Cards;

  • Are sold on behalf of the Independent Professionals who work in partnership with Sheona Hosie Hair & Beauty.

  • Can be redeemed against the services supplied by the Independent Professional specified on the accompanying Greeting Card.

  • Are sold in accumulations of £10 with the minimum value of £20 and the maximum value of £500.

  • Are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

  • Remaining balance will be cancelled on expiry of the validity period.

  • Are activated at the point of sale. Any card which has not been activated is invalid.

  • Can not be exchanged for cash.

  • Can only be exchanged for Products or Electrical items if specified on the accompanying Greeting Card.

  • Non-refundable.

  • Can also be used as top-up cards to save for a treat with your chosen Independent Professional.

Guest Referrals

  • The greatest compliment we could ever receive is a personal referral from you!

  • Additional points are rewarded to your treat card when your friend mentions that you referred them.

  • Please remind your friend to mention their recommendation at their first appointment to ensure we add the points to your card.

  • Speak to a member of our team to find out more.


Medical Questions

  • Please advise us of any health conditions, allergies, medication or injuries may affect your choice of treatment.

  • Our team are always happy to discuss any special requirements you may have and advise on which treatment will be most suitable for you.


Skin Allergy Testing

  • Skin allergy testing is required 48 hours prior to your appointment for hair colour, eyelash & eyebrow tinting or lash lift if;

  • You are visiting us for this treatment for the first time,

  • You haven't visited us for this treatment in the last 6 months,

  • You have had any skin sensitivity issues since your last appointment,

  • You are changing the colour that you usually have.

  • To have an allergy test, please book a  diagnosis consultation with one of our stylists or therapists or discuss with or team during your appointment for any other service.

We appreciate that some salons may risk your safety by not following this procedure but your safety is our main priority and our insurance is invalid if we do not follow this procedure. 


Hair Colour Consultation

  • If you are visiting us for the first time and are having hair colour with us, we recommend visiting us a couple of days before your appointment for a diagnosis with one of our colour specialists.

  • This is to ensure that your appointment is booked for the correct services and to avoid disappointment if you are not booked out for the correct amount of time.

  • We can discuss maintenance levels of services and budget.

  • This can be combined with your skin allergy test 48 hours prior to your colour booking.

  • Diagnosis must be pre-booked to ensure one of our colour team are available to chat with you.

  • When attending your appointment, please ensure that you arrive with clean, dry hair or arrive a little earlier to have your hair washed & dried prior to colour application.

  • Hair colour can only be applied to clean, dry hair to ensure even coverage.

  • Please note that we do not quote prices for hair colour without holding a consultation. It is important that we know the history of the hair and the desired results to ensure we are managing expectations to the best of our ability. 

  • Hair colouring has changed greatly and rapidly over time and with so many different techniques, results and products available to us, it's important that we are mindful that one size does not fit all and that we get to know our clients and their hair before proceeding with colour services to avoid disappointment with the end results.


Clothing & Personal Property

  • It is recommended that you don’t wear your best clothing to your salon visit.

  • High neck clothing & hooded tops are not the best.

  • Please remove any jewellery during your appointment. 

  • We will not be held responsible to the loss or damage of any clothing or property during your visit.

  • Please bring along a bag big enough to hold your outer clothing.



  • Payments are made to the Independent Professional who carries out your service.

  • We accept cash & card payments. 

  • Tips are accepted but not expected by our team.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept tips via card payment.

Drinks & Snacks 

  • We're always happy for you to bring along a little snack for your visit. You can often be in for a long appointment and it can be uncomfortable if hunger strikes half way through.

  • We can provide you with water.

  • If you'd like to bring along a warm drink or juice, we're happy for you to do so. We are temporarily not serving tea and coffee due to Covid guidelines.

Refunds (Treatments and services)

  • If you are dissatisfied with the results of any treatment or service it is best to let us know before you leave to allow us to rectify the situation on the same day as your booking.

  • However, if you notice anything that is not to your satisfaction after you leave, please notify us within 48 hours of your appointment.

  • Our team will be happy to arrange a suitable time to make changes or rectify any issues with your treatment or service within one week of your original appointment. 

  • Treatments and services are non-refundable and no discounts will be applied to your next booking in replacement.

  • Our team have the right to the opportunity to make right anything which you are dissatisfied with.  

  • If you are still not 100% happy with the treatments/services after any changes are made, please discuss this further with the Independent Professional who carried out your treatments/services.

Refunds (Products)

  • Products are fully refundable within 14 days of purchase.

  • They must be in their undamaged, original packaging and be unopened.

  • You must present a valid receipt to qualify for a refund.

  • Electrical items which become faulty should be returned to the manufacturer under warranty terms. Please remember to register your product guarantee with the manufacturer after purchasing from us.

Complaints & Feedback

  • If at any time you feel that you have not received the service that we aim for, or there is anything that you believe we could make better for you in the future

  • Please contact the Independent Professional who carried out your treatment/service directly. 

  • Our team are all dedicated to improving services and salon experience for every guest and your input is important to us!

We aim to make your visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible. 

with love from...

Sh x